Christmas Angel

By: bejay1

Nov 12 2013

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Cheap and cheerful!

One comment on “Christmas Angel”

  1. So, being unable to work due to poor health, and trying to survive on the lowest benefit payments the government can get away with paying out, you can imagine that there aren’t too many pennies for me to indulge in my crafting with. When I broke my beautiful Christmas tree star last year, I thought it would be a bare tree this year.
    I hunted through You Tube until I found something I thought I could do, and the proof is my little angel topper.
    Sorting through my craft stash, I cut out a semi-circle of card stock to make the body, formed it into a cone and glued lace round the bottom. Then it was just a case of gluing ribbons all the way round.
    When the body was finished I needed a break…fingers blistering up from using the hot glue gun.
    I made a hole in the poly ball head to allow the tip of the cone to fit inside, then filled it up with glue…now, this is when I realised that it would have been a better idea to use cool melt glue as…you guessed it…angle’s head started to melt!!!
    I managed to rescue most of it, although people are banned from looking at her from the rear lol.
    The wings were made using some wired edged ribbon. I’m really happy with the result 🙂

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